Donate Now to Conserve a Painting

The Edwin Binney 3rd Collection is in pristine condition. This is the reason for scholars around the world visiting to study the art works we enjoy in Gallery 10. In the past, the following art works in the Edwin Binney 3rd Collection have been in need of conservation according to the Curator. Please adopt a Binney Mini painting so it may be exhibited.

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Select a picture to conserve by clicking on the thumbnail images to find the name and number for your miniature painting. By conserving this painting, CAIS and your name will be shown on the label for this work of art whenever it is exhibited. We will be glad to help you if you Contact Us. Donate by clicking on a button to Donate Now or to get a form to mail.

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Note: These images are not pictures being conserved. They are just to show the effect until we get a list of candidates to be conserved.