Board Members

  • Jas CAIS chair
    Jas Grewal, Chair
  • Jai Membership
    Jai Varadaraj, Membership
  • KristenDruker-Programs
    Kristen Druker, Programs co-chair,
    has been a high school teacher in California for over thirty years, most recently retiring after twenty-two years at The Bishop’s School in La Jolla. Kristen has been recognized for her pioneer work in educational futures and interdisciplinary education, winning awards for innovative curriculum. During her tenure at The Bishop’s School she developed social science electives in Pacific Rim Studies and India Globalization, a course that examined the dynamics of change brought by historical and modern threads of globalization to the Indian sub-continent. She is also the founder of Peaceconferencing, a game based educational experience for global youth supported by a simulation platform. Peaceconferencing allows international student teams an opportunity to problem-solve together on world conflicts, societal, environmental, and public health issues and create an Action Plan for the way forward.
  • Shivani Public Relations
    Shivani Bommakanty, Public Relations
  • Ravinder Reddy, MD
    Ravinder Reddy, MD, is a psychiatrist, author and teacher. He has been deeply interested in many aspects of Indian art. Over the course of four decades, his focus has included Kushan numismatics, medieval sculpture focusing on Shiva iconography, early Europeans maps depicting the Indian subcontinent, and India-related prints from the London Illustrated News of the mid-1800s. Currently, his focus is arms and armour of the region, with an emphasis on the Deccan and South India. For him, Indic arms and armour reflect a unique convergence of the martial culture, the high arts, history, and technical mastery of metal work.
  • BoardMemberFArch
    Namita Varaiya, Treasurer

  • Jolly Desai
  • BoardMemberAndrog
    Rena Baxter