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You need to decide which applications can be used on your system? Project Application Locker is easy to prevent projects that will be opened. Application Locker is useful even for parents who want to limit their children’s use of the computer, or just to maintain a specific program access to other users. It is limited to a log file, so you can not use it to lock the control panel, which is a shame. However, things like Firefox and IE can easily be locked, restricting access to the Internet. Welcome Locker application, so anyone who opens it can unlock the locked-in program. However, if you set it up with the proper control on your computer and set it up for use by administrators only, it will be effective. As a method for users that they can not use a particular application, it is not cheating. WinRAR v5 40 Download
It is available via PDF, although this is not good! To add to the list of blocked application, you just need to put the name of the EXE file, which is not difficult, but you can not find the application to be added. For the security conscious, using Locker only support the program with defined borders FO.

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