Bottom Credits

Header Credits, from left, all from The Edwin Binney 3rd Collection
at The San Diego Museum of Art:

CAIS Header - Calligraphy Binney paintingsCalligraphy Header: Calligraphy, India, Mughal, ca. 1585, 1990.333. A lion made from calligraphy, India, ca. 1800, 1990.577. A Young Prince in a Family Setting,  India, Ahmednagar (or Bijapur), ca. 1600, 1990.459. Panel of Naskh calligraphy with long verticals, drawn from architecture, India, 19th century, 1990.1392. Calligraphy by Muhammad Ali, India, Mughal, ca. 1780, 1990.417.

CAIS Header - Ocean Hindu Binney paintingsStories Header: Equestrian portrait of Maharana Jagat Singh II, India, Mewar, 1774, 1990.637. Thakur Bhopal Singh hunts blackbuck, India, ca. 1770, 1990.927. Two sages in discussion in a landscape, India, ca. 1785, 1990.1316. Two men on horseback, India, Mewar, ca. 1870, 1990.645. H. H. Krishnaraja Wodiyar III enthroned, India, Mysore, ca. 1785, 1990.1406.

CAIS Header - Sultans Binney paintings

Sultans Header: Shiva Ardhanarishvara, India, Mankot, ca. 1715, 1990.1067. Krishna overcomes a king and his attendant in a forest, Nepal, Mughal, after 1825, 1990.176. The Churning of the Ocean of Milk, India, Mysore, ca. 1825, 1990.1401. Shiva and his family in their mountain home, India, Mandi, ca. 1825, 1990.1140.