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LocK A FoLdeR

Lock-A-FOLDER can be a great tool for those who are looking for methods to hide the contents of certain folders from prying other people’s eyes. Very easy to use and as an open source package, there will be no payment required to download and activate the program.

Key features and applications

The main purpose of keyhole-A-FOLDER is the creation of encrypted files through the use of custom master keywords. The process itself is velmiprosty. First, the folder will be selected locked. The user clicks on it,and he made a special password. Once this password is entered and confirmed, the folder will be locked. However, it disappears from the desktop itself. Acceptance of this “hidden” folder requires the user to access the main program and enter the same password.

additional options

You can hide an unlimited number of files with the -A-FOLDER key. roznyparoli can be selected for each file so the password can be set to open the whole group. It will need a little bitmemory, So this package could be a good choice for a slow operating system. It is able to work with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.