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PES 2012

PES 2012 is the most popular football and game console in Windows. Games have significant improvements over the PES 2011, better than the previous version and graphically. PES 2012 has tried everything. The series is behind EA’s EA and hopes to win the Sims football match this year.

What changed PES 2012?

The PES 2012 changes play a great deal of attention and can use the tactical player team. The changes in the PES 2012 include, among others:

– attackers and defendersa unit, which allows players to move mutable as errors – The New AI realistic Team experience engine allows the driver of the new cursor system to allow any team also a teammate wählen.Field place – a better game system and realistic player collisions – Other modifications, improved animation, including more player style, improved lighting effects, improvement of the dead system and much more

How does the AI ​​system work?

To put an always-known game in the first place,Many PES changes in 2012 are artificial intelligence of the game. Equipments And their opponents are designed to be real and more durable. The five main areas focused on: races, diagonal tracks, manuals, zoned defense and marker zones.

A new PES 2012 opens up new off-the-ball options and gives you more control over your team. You can select a player of the ball directly with the bar analogy and you are running, even if you keep it. Ball playercontrols it Controls are very poorly used, but it is worthwhile to keep up, to open the doors or find places that allow you to go to the left station.

Improvements to defense are also spectacular in 2012. The teams train much better in attack. Defense is hard. It is no longer enough for a attacker to have a button and steal the ball. In PES 2012, you must first and extrapolation time.

Improved IA in the attacking unit and defendersIn weakness, physical people make it easier for PES 2012 to create opportunities, that is, fewer games with lower scores than before.

What is Pro Evo 2012 again?

As usual in the Pro Evolution Soccer update, PES 2012 graphics have been improved, and players’ units, in some cases, are very real. Animations are lighter and games feel softer than FIFA.

This second demonstration of PES 2012 is not representative of the last version of the football simulation of Koniami,But you feel grateful for the new aspects of the game. You can play fifteen minutes by selecting Tottenham Hotspur, Bayern Munich, Rangers, Club Amrica or International. You need to examine the “Training” section to practice the testing challenges in PES 2012 new controls.

Configuration screens and Tactical Settings menus will appear from the previous version of the PSP 2012, which means it would be good for your computer configuration to function properly in Pro Evo. It should wait in the latest versionIf you keep simple tactical menus.


Some say that Pro Evolution has lost its last three or four versions with FIFA. PES 2012 closes the FIFA gap even if it adds to the game’s intelligence. Pro Evo is registered. Big Arcade.

The game enhancements and AI PES 2012 are configured as a long-term, excellent access point.