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PES 2015 Pro

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PES 2015 Pro

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 FIFA Presto returns to challenge the best football utakmici.Od last year, improved animations fluid gameplay, and physics have been updated. AI is great, and each group looks exactly detalkak reprodukuje.Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 offers excellent players begiratukirolariak as if they are based on realistic atmospheric stadiums.

Competition for all

prijateljskišibice international competitions, online multiplayer, Master League, has become a legend, and my new club, whichkakFIFA Ultimate Team is: Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 game in some way.

Dulizentzia games such as the Champions League, Europa League and Super Cut Europe to carry out the international league. National leagues are included, but licencirano.Za beginners, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 will be successful after playing skills neobhodimyechtoby techniques including training mode hartzenjokoan. Many of these games you want to play FIFA ipak.noviosećaj

There were no significant differences between the control PES 2015 to 2014,but updated animations give the player a better odziv.animacija more convincing, but there are still times when a clumsy movement. Ball vyglyaditgorazdo better player physics Dribblingeta ubedljiv.Lopta heavy bowling ball a lot better feel for the speed of the 2015 FIFA Soccer Evolution imala.Pro more reasonable than the rate of space and time to allow the team to play better strategy.

dezakezuzelaian upravlenieSistema tactics to create and create. for a limited timeBarcelona is possessive, realmadrid given the use of a speed, and Bayern is based on the strength and unpredictability. This makes the game PES 2015 sentitzenegongela like a real meč.Stadion

PES2015predlagaet better graphics. The physical resemblance is striking and well-known player in the small details are also impressive show.

Stadium atmosphere is great, the crowd noise is a real model, the sound development of the game on the basis of the intensity of the audience. realizmaigre parteaudientzia much help.

FIFA kYavlyaetsya not overthrown?

PES 2015 a great football simulatora.Konami extra steps to improve the game. The game is not perfect, but it is a small number of licenses as well as the Search menu, no animationIt’s all improved.

hauBeste small a match between the PES and much less ipak.JazFIFA really fun and get a lot of Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 against colic.